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Breeding Rabbit Show

Date: Mar 27, 2021
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Superintendents: Taryn Rodgers

Assistant Superintendents: Katie Nolan, Cole Turner

Defined by the ARBA, examples are New Zealand, Californians, Satins, English Lop, etc.
Class 1 Junior Buck (up to 6 months)
Class 2 Intermediate Buck (6 to 8 months)
Class 3 Senior Buck (over 8 months)
Class 4 Junior Doe (up to 6 months)
Class 5 Intermediate Doe (6 to 8 months)
Class 6 Senior Doe (over 8 months)

Defined by the ARBA, examples are Dutch, Florida White, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, etc.
Class 7 Junior Buck (under 6 months)
Class 8 Senior Buck (over 6 months)
Class 9 Junior Doe (under 6 months)
Class 10 Senior Doe (over 6 months)

Market and Breeding rabbit showmanship will be combined for 1 rabbit showmanship.

Judge: Jerrett Cobb

Mr. Cobb grew up in South East Texas where he Graduated from Barbers Hill High School and went on to get his Bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University. He currently lives in Nacogdoches county where he is an Ag teacher at Nacogdoches High School. Mr. Cobb and his family started in the commercial cattle world where they run 200 head cow/calf pair operation. Mr. Cobb ventured into the rabbit world about 4 years ago while looking for more cost efficient projects for my students which landed him to the market and breeding rabbit world. Mr. Cobb and his students now run a small herd of about 115 mini rex, Cinnamon, and silver rabbits. Where they are able to get real world experience in the buying and selling of rabbits, as well as developing the breeds to meet the Standard of Perfection for each of the breeds. Mr. Cobb was quoted "I have been honored to oversee the success of the program to have a best of breed at Houston once and best opposite of breed at multiple shows across the state" He has judged multiple shows across East Texas and look forward to judging the Ellis County LIvestock Show.

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