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ECLSR Calf Scramble


1. Madeline Garcia
2. Raelynn O'Brien
3. Sheridan Van Blarcom
4. Madi Robbins
5. Avril Bolton
6. Bristol Marks
7. Norah Pacheco
8. Amy Horton
9. Kynlee Berry
10. John Yarbrough
11. Corbin Keener
12. Cayden Davidson
13. Jenna Rhodes
14. Jaxon Volentine
15. Cole Spurlock
16. Bailey Cunningham
17. Emily Anderson
18. Kaden Berry
19. Jade Williams
20. Rory Potter

1. Lainey Turrentine
2. Mason Hollenback
3. Eva Ruths
4. McKenna Camp
5. Georgia Tabb
6. Kelbee Gibson
7. Elle Trice
8. Emma Spurlock
9. Nathan Killen
10. William Adkison
11. Jacob Wherley
12. Jakob Knapp
13. Havery Stinson
14. Tyson Berger
15. Ansley Smith
16. Ebin Headrick
17. Lainie Bennett
18. Garrett Sebring
19. Hunter Millican
20. Ryder Mitchell

1.Ashtyn Keefer
2. Chloe Pruitt

Scramblers - What you need to know "the night of":

Report to the Scramble Check-In area at the Cook Barn at 6:45pm to get checked in and receive instructions. You MUST park at the Cowboy Church. Parking and entry are your responsibly except PARTICIPANT’S ENTRY IS FREE! Purchase tickets if you want to watch your kiddo compete. Yes, this will cost you money but this is all a fundraiser for the rodeo and the kids. And it’s gonna be a great evening, so stay and have fun, regardless! There will be a list at the entrance with each participant’s name. Signs will direct them from the Cowboy Church Fair Entrance to Scramble Check-In. Jeans and shoes YOU CAN RUN IN are required. You will get your shirt and number at check-in. Bring a small bag or backpack to put any of your belongings in while you participate. Check the weather, dress accordingly. You must report back to check-in after the scramble for a brief wrap up and the rest of the night is yours! Good Luck Everyone!!
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